The Secret Restaurant: Stuffed Mushrooms

by Peter Moore Our friend Max is allergic to wheat. He is gluten-free, but not in the sense of the estimated 30% of Americans who are shunning wheat due to currently trendy pseudo-science; rather, Max is gluten-free in the sense that, if he has anything with wheat, there will be an epi-pen and ER visit […]

The Secret Restaurant: Goddamned Gazpacho

by Peter Moore Some years ago, as a friend’s mother was recounting the events of her Mediterranean cruise, she described Greek customs officials coming on the boat in Athens: “They went through everything, they were like the goddamned gazpacho.” It works best in a Texas accent, but in any event, it forever branded this cooling […]

The Secret Restaurant: Put an Egg(plant) on It

by Peter Moore I know I promised the Cassoulet/Cass-Olé recipe this week, but the photo gods did smote me mightily by making my pictures blurry—“pun”ishment comes in many forms—and it will have to wait until next issue. What I’ve got instead is a take on eggplant parmesan made more as an individual serving rather than […]