Down the Hatch: The Stork Club and the Brown Derby

by Vince Keenan The current cocktail renaissance comes garnished with nostalgia, a longing for the bygone era when drinks were poured as part of an evening out in sophisticated nightclubs. No amount of speakeasy trappings and period bartender facial hair can recapture the glamour of yesteryear’s storied watering holes. The next best thing is to […]

Down the Hatch: The United Artists Cocktails

by Vince Keenan The 1919 founding of United Artists was greeted with disdain. “So the lunatics have taken charge of the asylum,” Metro Pictures president Richard Rowland remarked when a quartet of Hollywood luminaries went into business for themselves. But UA’s long, storied run—“from Way Down East to Raging Bull ,” in the words of […]

“Five Came Back,” A Book Review

by Vince Keenan Five is a charmed number for Mark Harris.  In 2008’s Pictures at a Revolution, he charted New Hollywood’s tectonic shifts by profiling the quintet of films nominated for Best Picture of 1967, from the nouvelle vague-influenced Bonnie & Clyde  to the studio bloat of Doctor Dolittle .  He deploys a similar conceit in […]