My Fancy Future Breakfast

by Julie Lindow My fancy future breakfast includes sheep-milk yogurt, farm-direct and organic coffee with mushroom creamer, breakfast chocolate, pasta, California honey, and a Moringa green shake. That is exactly what I ate at the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, California. As I ate, I learned that in the future, food will […]


By Julie Lindow Meeting the various food purveyors and trying their products at the 2020 Fancy Food show inspired me to learn ways to use some of these products as part of my own breakfasts at home. I have selected some favorite recipes offered by several of the companies I wrote about in ‘My Fancy […]


 by Julie Lindow  Cocktails are a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions and the holidays. I don’t drink a lot so when I do, I want my cocktail to be an extraordinary experience. During the past few years, I have developed several cocktails to commemorate various occasions in my family and friend’s lives. Gary Meyer […]