By Leonard Pitt I knew Stan Laurel personally. In 1960, I sat with him in his living room and talked about the old days. Well, he did most of the talking. I was only nineteen. In our conversation, he told me about their tour to Great Britain in 1953. Jump forward 59 years and I’m sitting […]

San Francisco Silent Film Festival: Not Just A Custard Pie: Dining Dos and Don’ts from The Surreal World Of Silent Film Comedy

by Paul F. Etcheverry Can anyone question the value of humor in the early days of the seventh art?  In its 19th edition, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival (May 29–June 1) offers up belly laughs and bemusements amidst its diverse programming in the historic Castro Theatre.  The festival includes 17 wonderful silent-era features in […]

Let’s All Go To The Movies! Again!

By Gary Meyer For over a year few of us could go to a theater and enjoy movies the way they were meant to be seen. Audiences are slowly feeling comfortable returning as theaters have made a host of improvements to protect us and to my knowledge no new cases of Covid have been tracked […]


by Paul Krassner LSD was influencing music, painting, spirituality, and even the stock market. Tim Leary once let me listen in on a call from a Wall Street broker thanking him for turning him onto acid because it gave him the courage to sell short. Leary had a certain sense of pride about the famous […]