Start Making Sense– Today

by Gary Meyer The Castro Theatre in San Francisco was packed for the World Premiere of Jonathan Demme’s first concert film at the Closing Night of the 1984 San Francisco International Film Festival. Festival Director Peter Scarlet introduced Demme who then brought David Byrne, back-up singer Lynn Mabry, keyboardist/guitarist Jerry Harrison and producer Gary Goetzman […]

Two Heroes Rise Above Genre Films

by Gary Meyer “I’m like my zombies. I won’t stay dead!” But as of July 16, 2017 the zombies start to outlive horror film master director George A. Romero who passed away while listening to the score for John Ford’s classic The Quiet Man, one of his all time favorite movies.


An Excerpt by Geoff Dyer “It’s equally pleasing to read Dyer speak up for the pleasures of watching films, not in domesticated and tamed form on DVD, but at the cinema. Stalker itself, which is an immersive experience as much as it’s a visual spectacle, loses its magnetic force when watched at home. Dyer talks about the […]

THE ENCOUNTER: A Movie in Your Head

by Gary Meyer Have you ever lost contact with the outside world, deep in the Amazonian rainforest with an Indian tribe, drenched by storms, attacked by deadly insects and experiencing hallucinogenic encounters with a jaguar? And the sounds—oh those sounds of the jungle forever in your brain. If so— you are a rare adventurer but […]