Let’s All Go To The Movies

Editor’s note: It is timely that veteran film distributor and film lover Gary Palmucci has written a review for us of Ben Davis’ new book  Repertory Movies Theatres of New York City: Havens for Revivals, Indies and the Avant-Garde, 1960–1994 (McFarland 2017)  The last week of December 2017 saw the passing of one of the giants in art […]


by Gary Meyer At 94, Diana Kennedy has a youthful spirit and energy. People often refer to her as the Julia Child of Mexico, but Diana prefers an edgier given title: “the Mick Jagger of Mexican Cooking”. She lives on her own, completely off-the-grid in a solar-powered house that she designed in the mountains of Michoacán. She […]


by Gary Meyer Medianoche is a type of sandwich that was created in Cuba and is popular in late night clubs, especially in Havana and Miami. A handful of places in the San Francisco Bay Area make good Cubanos but when restaurant vets Madelyn Markoe (Tacolicious, Tres, Boxing Room) and Jessie Barker (Nopa, Tres) took […]

You Can Teach A Dog New Drinks

by Gary Meyer Trick Dog is one of those unique San Francisco saloons that is creating signature cocktails and serving delicious food. It is also a place with a terrific sense of humor and personality that encourages regular visits for a great fun time. “Head bartender Kim Roselle dances through the orders with the speed […]