By Phoebe Green San Francisco lovers of Hollywood melodrama with a touch of Noir will delight in the opportunity to see the French do it as least as well (if not better) than their American counterparts when Donald Malcolm’s  series offers a sneak preview of their November, 2019 series on Sunday, October 13 at the […]

Embarrassment of Riches

Hard Choices Need to be Made For Bay Area Cinephiles This Week by Meredith Brody Despite the fact that it has often been said that the San Francisco Bay Area is host to some 70 different film festivals, I rarely feel as though I can’t decide which screening to attend on any given night. But, […]

Unsung Hero: Don Murray

by Tim Sika In 1956 actor Don Murray exploded onto movie screens as Beauregard “Bo” Decker: the swaggering, handsome, gauche cowboy who romances low-rent chanteuse Marie (played by superstar Marilyn Monroe) in director Joshua Logan’s Technicolor Cinemascope film adaptation of the celebrated William Inge stage play Bus Stop. 


By Monica Nolan For seventeen years now I’ve devoted the last week of January to Noir City, and the festival never fails to thrill me. This year’s annual valentine to the dark side of the dream factory opens at the Castro on Friday, January 24, and all over the Bay Area cinephiles like me are […]