By C.J. Hirschfield March 30, 2022 Last month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a letter calling on professionals, including teachers and doctors, to report parents who give their trans children gender-affirming care. And even though the ACLU says it’s not legally binding, it is just another in a long line of assaults on trans and […]


We love Fellini and we love trailers that tease us to want to see the full features. In March 2020 the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive was starting an extensive Fellini 100 series when Covid shut the Museum down.  But the Fellini Celebration is back, playing through May 14, 2022. We are pleased to present […]

FLEE Brings Secrets to Animated Life

By C.J. Hirschfield More and more often, documentary filmmakers are turning to animation to tell stories—or parts of stories—that can’t be represented in any other way. In the case of the compelling new film FLEE, the storyteller spent much of his life since childhood in the shadows as an illegal Afghan refugee, and even now […]


By Gary Meyer From prehistoric cave drawings we can tell that the earliest women and men were storytellers.The tradition of sitting around a campfire telling scary tales surely started with them. Every culture has myths and folktales filled with otherworldly spirits and monsters. Homer and Shakespeare filled their works with the supernatural. In the mid […]

Escher’s Magic Spell

By Teller M.C. Escher: Journey to Infinity – Witty, touching, and illuminating.  As we listen to a choice selection of Escher’s words, exuberantly delivered by Stephen Fry, we see – in stills, clips, and animation – how Escher’s ingenious notions and preoccupations become works of art.