Silent Footsteps – SFSFF Amazing Tales Online- Free

By John Bengston There was hidden interplay between movies filmed in Hollywood and in San Francisco. Buster Keaton filmed scenes adjacent to several San Francisco landmarks, but in each case before they were actually built! Hosted by the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, I will be presenting “Silent Footsteps — From San Francisco to Hollywood” on Sunday, […]

PFA Polish Animation 70 Years

by Frako Loden For those who have heard about the excellence of Polish animation but haven’t seen much of it, the “Polish Animation 70 Years” series at Pacific Film Archive is a superb crash course in a remarkable body of work starting Sunday, December 3. Since the political thaw of 1956, Polish animation has been […]

Bringing Back Films Alive

A Celluloid Detective’s Adventures in the World’s Deepest, Darkest Vaults and Beyond By Russell Merritt When I remember David Shepard, I think of high adventure, the kind that turns film reclamation into a series of quests, conspiracies, improbable partnerships, witty banter, and second story work.


An Interview with David Shepard Excerpt from Georges Méliès’ Conquest of the Pole Jeff Joseph and Dennis Bartok recently published their fascinating book on movie collectors, A Thousand Cuts: The Bizarre Underground World of Collectors and Dealers Who Saved the Movies. It is filled with passionate film buffs, crazy characters, chases, FBI raids (including the arrest […]

Silents, Please Sunday — With Sounds

The Bay Area is a great place for fans of silent movies, with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival bringing rare riches to the Castro twice a year; weekly screenings at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum; numerous presentations at the Pacific Film Archive, Smith Rafael Film Center and Stanford Theatre; and other surprise events […]