By Robert Bloomberg In 1928, inspired by the talkie that changed the world, “The Jazz Singer,” Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks created “Steamboat Willie,” the first cartoon with fully synchronized music and sound effects, demonstrating the potential power and delight of animation.  The ten films in this year’s Animation Show of Shows perfectly illustrate the […]

Know Any Cat Daddies?

By Marilyn Freund (October 28, 2022) Cat Daddies is a deceptive film, and therein lies its emotional punch. On the surface, director Mye Hoang’s documentary debut presents episodes from the lives of nine men whose lives have been changed by their relationships with cats. But underneath, it takes a look at what behavior our culture […]

The Animation Show of Shows

by Robert Bloomberg In the classic Roadrunner cartoons, Wiley Coyote could always depend on the Acme Company to deliver exactly what he needed. Fortunately, when it comes to our own animation needs, we can depend on Ron Diamond’s Acme Filmworks to deliver the goods (anvils not included). Their 19th annual Animation Show of Shows is […]


Robert Bloomberg has written about animation for EatDrinkFilms and presented numerous 3D film shows around the world. His new exhibit at the Fairfax Library features samples of his graphic designs, photography and 3D work.


The 18th Annual Collection Defines the State-of-The Art from Around the World Opening exclusively in theaters across America- details below By Robert Bloomberg “Let’s face it. Professional animation and storytelling is hard work. It requires trained and talented human beings,” explain Joshua Gunn, Trevor Piecham, and John McGowan in Exploozy, their hilarious parody of “explainer […]