Let’s All Go To The Movies

Editor’s note: It is timely that veteran film distributor and film lover Gary Palmucci has written a review for us of Ben Davis’ new book  Repertory Movies Theatres of New York City: Havens for Revivals, Indies and the Avant-Garde, 1960–1994 (McFarland 2017)  The last week of December 2017 saw the passing of one of the giants in art […]


A Bear and a Bull and a Restored Movie Palace By Thomas Downs I took a walk in the Mission District the other night, on my way to meet up with Al Barna and Randall Homan for a drink at the New Mission Theater. I hadn’t been in the neighborhood for several months, and with […]

Stookey’s, Part Deux: Drinks and Style

by Julie Lindow (Ed. note: This is the second of two parts about Stookey’s Club Moderne, celebrating its first anniversary this month. Part One ran in the Jan. 22 edition of EatDrinkFilms.) Whether you want a quiet corner to finish your book along with a perfect Negroni, to observe an extraordinary bartender in action, or […]

Stookey’s Club Moderne

by Julie Lindow Join me in raising a toast to Stookey’s Club Moderne, a delightful 1930s art deco-style cocktail bar that opened in January 2015, by a dynamic trio of owners – husband and wife Tim Stookey and Leslie Cole Stookey and Leslie’s cousin Aaron Cole.