by Gary Meyer. (Updated October 29,2022) We got so many terrific responses to our inquires about scariest experiences both with art and real life that we decided to break them onto two pieces so readers will not be overwhelmed in one sitting. as you meet the daughters of horror masters Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and […]


by Paul Krassner LSD was influencing music, painting, spirituality, and even the stock market. Tim Leary once let me listen in on a call from a Wall Street broker thanking him for turning him onto acid because it gave him the courage to sell short. Leary had a certain sense of pride about the famous […]

EAT LIKE THE STARS- Silent Stars Special

by Jenny Hammerton In the Silver Screen Suppers recipe collection there are now around 8,000 movie star signature dishes.  I’m totally intrigued by what my idols liked to eat, and stars of the silver screen often surprise me with their strange leanings towards tripe, tapioca, and sweetbreads. I’ve rustled up a few recipes provided by stars […]