Loudly Anticipating the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

Part One: Not Feeling Festive By Meredith Brody May 3, 2022 The pandemic disrupted virtually (pun unintended, but hiya, Dr. Freud!) every aspect of my life, but none more thoroughly or dismayingly than the one that contributed most of its bliss, excitement, and travel (not to mention remuneration, once I’d written about them): attending film […]


by Gary Meyer We got so many terrific responses to our inquires about scariest experiences both with art and real life that we decided to break them onto two pieces so readers will not be overwhelmed in one sitting. Meet the daughters of horror masters Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and William Castle and Lon Chaney […]


By Monica Nolan For seventeen years now I’ve devoted the last week of January to Noir City, and the festival never fails to thrill me. This year’s annual valentine to the dark side of the dream factory opens at the Castro on Friday, January 24, and all over the Bay Area cinephiles like me are […]