EatDrinkFilms #98 – It’s a wrap.

Dear Friends, There’s an art to writing well – about food, film, or anything else that sparks a person’s passion. For Jonathan Gold, it’s the cafes, restaurants and food trucks, the sights, sounds and people of Los Angeles that inspire. The only food critic to win a Pulitzer Prize, the popular writer serves as the […]

Not Just Another Eviction

by David Thomson [We most often think of writer David Thomson as one of our most perceptive writers about the movies. When EDF asked him if we could publish an excerpt from his newest book, How to Watch a Movie, he offered, as a bonus, the following piece that he was writing when we called. […]

Eat My Shorts – Trains on Film

“In their first appearance together at the Smith Rafael Film Center since their initial “dialogue” series in 2009, David Thomson, celebrated film critic and historian, will join award-winning novelist and poet Michael Ondaatje for an entertaining weekend of screenings and discussions around trains as cinematic subject and stimulus.