Alice Street: A Mural Becomes a Movement

BY C.J. Hirschfield About my home town of Oakland, a recent Washington Post article wrote: “Protesters want to defund the police. Homicides and violence are spiking. In Oakland, ideology and practicality collide.” It was a wonderful juxtaposition shortly thereafter to watch the excellent new documentary Alice Street, which shows Oakland at its multicultural, peaceful, protesting […]

The Palindromists: Was it a rat I saw?

By C.J. Hirschfield Longtime word nerds like myself have been delighted by recent documentaries that celebrate letters and the wondrous ways they can be arranged. Films include Obit, about New York Times obituary writers, Wordplay, which covered a major crossword puzzle tournament, as well as Spellbound and Spelling the Dream, which welcomes us into the […]

A Place to Breathe: Prescribing Community

By C.J. Hirschfield What if health providers and practitioners prescribed ceremonies, rituals, festivals and other community activities as medicine to treat trauma?  The excellent new documentary A Place To Breathe would argue that distressed refugees, in particular, would benefit greatly, and the film effectively argues this route as a way to foster resilience.